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 Merina Kingdom

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The Merina people are group within the Malagasy culture of Madagascar for whom the kingdom is named. They lived within the island's central plateau called Imerina ("land seen from afar"). According to oral history, this land was originally inhabited by the vazimba people, who were vanquished and largely expelled from the land by Merina king Andriamanelo in the 16th century, who proceded to enlarge and establish domination over greater Imerina. A united and expanding Imerina was ruled by successors in his line until King Andriamasinavalona quartered the kingdom to be ruled by his four favorite sons, producing persistent fragmentation and warfare between principalities in Imerina. It was from this context in 1787 that Prince Ramboasalama, nephew of King Andrianjaka of Ambohimanga (one of the four kingdoms of Imerina) expelled his uncle and took the throne under the name Andrianampoinimerina. The new king used both diplomacy and force to reunite Imerina with the intent to bring all of Madagascar under his rule - an objective largely completed under his son, Radama I.

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Merina Kingdom
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