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 Slipform Emerges On The Pinnacle

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Slipform Emerges On The Pinnacle Empty
PostSubject: Slipform Emerges On The Pinnacle   Slipform Emerges On The Pinnacle EmptyMon Dec 27, 2010 9:05 am

Slipform Emerges On The Pinnacle

With a near complete Heron Tower rounding out the troika of skyscrapers from Waterloo Bridge in the City of London, take a good look at the skyline and remember it - with the Pinnacles core about to start construction this is all about to change again in only a few months.

Concrete contracting firm, Bymes Brothers, has started installing the jump-form system on site in which the concrete core of the building will be formed with it set to reach basement level three in height in September 2010. Once this is completed phase two of the concrete work will be done, which involves the core rising all the way to the 59th floor.

For those who don't know, a slipform is basically a large mould that has concrete poured into it with hydraulic jacks that move the form gradually as the concrete is poured allowing it to have a constant shape as it rises floor after floor.

Meanwhile the steel contractor VBH is building the steel frame that takes up the space from the basement to ground level in time for mid august. It's only after this that the tower will start to form above ground level as the superstructure follows phase two of the concreting upwards.

The scale of the works on the KPF designed tower have already been unprecedented for London with the deepest foundations of any building in the City plus the pro-longed demolition of the previous occupant of the site, Crosby Court, that had been engineered to be bomb proof.

Once complete the Pinnacle will stand 287.9 metres tall, and although it won't be the tallest building in London, it will have the highest occupiable floor trumping the Shard in that respect.

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Slipform Emerges On The Pinnacle
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