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 Shades Of Flash Gordon In Korean Aero Museum

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PostSubject: Shades Of Flash Gordon In Korean Aero Museum   Shades Of Flash Gordon In Korean Aero Museum EmptyWed Dec 08, 2010 10:19 am

Shades Of Flash Gordon In Korean Aero Museum

Construction has started on a new high-rise project in the Korean island of Jeju, a popular tourist haven known for its flowers.

Named the Aerospace Museum, the building will do exactly what it says on the tin and house exhibitions and attractions celebrating Korea's aerospace history. The enterprise is a joint venture between the Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs, the Korean Air Force and the Jeju Special Self Governing province.

The project which will cover 333,000 square metres opts for a futuristic look that belongs in a 1930s Flash Gordon episode - this is the architectural personification of war rocket Ajax.

Anchored to a glass podium base the main structure is shaped like an airship and constructed from a metallic looking material, the facades of which are dotted with circular windows like portholes. Just about the only thing missing are laser cannons mounted to shoot down Vultan and his Hawkmen.

On the roof near the buildings centre a long protrusion slants skyward, wrapped around it a spiralling detail and topping it another smaller airship shaped pod features, giving the appendage the overall look of a gigantic corkscrew suitable for the most ridiculously large bottle of wine. At the back of the structure another aerial like protrusion rises.

The Museum will include among many things an Aerial History Hall, Air Force History Exhibition Hall, Space Gallery, 4D Cinema, 4D Planetariums, and Training Centre. Outdoors five themed exhibitions feature covering Air Combat, Flight Training, Search & Rescue Flight, Military Airbus, and something referred to as Invisible Force. These will be free of charge to the public.

A monorail will also be installed along with a visual simulation of an air lane in the sky that is hoped will give visitors the real sensation of flying. Observatories are also scheduled to be installed.

The Air Force for its part in the project will be providing roughly 40 - 50 aircrafts including fighter jets, training jets and helicopters as well as historical resources such as on-board flight equipments, air defence weapons and flight simulators.

The museum is being funded partly thanks to the Korean government's efforts to stimulate their economy - at least they will have more to show for their spending than a short-term VAT cut. It is hoped the museum will be completed by 2013.

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Shades Of Flash Gordon In Korean Aero Museum
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