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 Bangkoks Met Nears Completion

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PostSubject: Bangkoks Met Nears Completion   Bangkoks Met Nears Completion EmptyWed Dec 08, 2010 10:19 am

Bangkoks Met Nears Completion

One of Bangkok's latest skyscrapers, the MET, a 66 storey, 228 metre tall residential tower that will offer the tallest living spaces in the city, is now nearing completion.

Containing 370 new apartments, the structure is effectively three slender vertical columns that are connected together by not one but eight skybridges, each of which will accommodate a communal garden for residents to enjoy. These have been designed by WOHA Limited+Tandem Architects as "ventilation levels" to breathe some oxygen into the often smoggy Bangkok air.

Standing above inverted Y beams and a large podium is the front and back of the tower. This is dominated by vertical steel columns running up it giving it a sense of soar and enclosing the apartments balconies, whilst on the sides pixelated metallic cladding gives the concrete slabs behind them a touch of Atari.

As the tower rises it steps back three times with the reduction in space eliminating entirely balconies on the upper levels. The continuing columns above the roof level add more to the verticality of the tower and round off the look of a building that appears to have escaped from Thunderbirds.

Those on the penthouse levels should be more than compensated for the lack of balconies thanks to the inclusion of an infinity pool in each apartment giving you a chance to have a morning dip if you don't suffer from vertigo.

Originally the designs featured a living wall of greenery running up the entire length of the tower, enough to make it the tallest green wall in the world but with it now nearing completion there is unfortunately no hint that this will be planted.

The scheme has been developed by Pebble Bay Company Limited and Hotel Properties Limited.

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Bangkoks Met Nears Completion
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