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 Mumbais Shreepati Skies

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Mumbais Shreepati Skies

Approval has been given to what could become India's tallest building if it goes ahead. Named Shreepati Skies the project will be located in Mumbai and is the work local architect Reza Kabul, who has penned it for the Shreepati Group.

The tower, which will stand at 301 metres when complete, will be built on a two acre plot currently occupied by century old, low rise residential buildings showing the same sort of emerging modernity so heavily featured in Slumdog Millionaire.

The developers suffered some setbacks with the chosen location when some of the residents took legal action over the redevelopment but the courts ruled in favour of the developer and gave the project the green light - they will however have to find homes for approximately 550 families who lived on the plot out of their own pocket.

The tower is set on a square podium base that spans several storeys and will provide parking spaces. Above the base it hosts a large sky garden and from here the cylindrical shaped tower rises tapering slightly as it reaches its peak that has what appears to be a fa├žade overrun encircling a rooftop helipad.

The tower is constructed from white concrete and blue tinted glazing and is heavily balconied to maximize the outdoor space for residents. The layout of the balconies changes as the tower rises and gives the impression the tower has three segments to it.

The tower will be purely residential and will house 126 top notch apartments which the architect has taken the time to design individually. These range in size from 2-4beds, duplex and penthouses, most having expansive views of the ocean with some even having their very own paddling pools on the balcony. Residents in the luxury tower can also enjoy a private theatre, spa, a state of the art gym and a swimming pool. Sadly there is no shopping space to be found.

Construction of the tower will take approximately 5 years.

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Mumbais Shreepati Skies
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