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 Philippe Rondeaus Stepped Shenzhen Tower

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Philippe Rondeaus Stepped Shenzhen Tower Empty
PostSubject: Philippe Rondeaus Stepped Shenzhen Tower   Philippe Rondeaus Stepped Shenzhen Tower EmptyThu Dec 09, 2010 3:10 am

Proposals have been put forward for a new skyscraper to adorn the Chinese city of Shenzhen skyline coming from Hong Kong based architectural firm, Philippe Rondeau Architecture Limited.

The 29 storey tower of the Yinglong Business Hotel will be located at the edge of Shenzhen's Central Business District where there is still a traditional village which will stand around the base of the tower, this however isn't expected to last much longer as the wheels of change progress forwards and the area is earmarked for redevelopment into a more modern part of the city.

The architects however have taken this sense of community into account in the design, setting the tower on a podium base which will be choc full of amenities for the public at large to enjoy. The tower will be constructed from steel and concrete and feature the ever popular glass facades.

Quite boxy in shape, the tower is saved from being dull to look at by the upside down stepped look a trio of overhangs give it. The first of these features at the bottom of the tower creating shading at the entrance of the building.

If built the tower will provide 78,000 square metres of space which will be occupied by a top class hotel which will probably have a gym and spa thrown in with it to help the business folk relax after a hard day at the office.

Shops and cafes will feature in the podium section of the building whilst the central floors will be occupied by function and conference space which will also be open for use by the public. At the top of the tower to encourage further use by the community there will be a café and night bar, these will offer fantastic views of the city below.

Still only a proposal, building schedules are not yet available so its anyone's guess as to if or when this tower may spring up on the Shenzhen skyline.
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Philippe Rondeaus Stepped Shenzhen Tower
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